• ‘Mask mouth’: what is it and how it causes your breath to stink

    ‘Mask mouth’: what is it and how it causes your breath to stink

     ‘MASK MOUTH’: WHAT IS IT AND HOW IT CAUSES YOUR BREATH TO STINK  ORASANA.COM We’re all having to do it; wearing face masks for long periods of time. While they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and definitely hide a beautiful smile, they also can cause tooth decay, dry mouth, and gum disease. You still want a healthy mouth and kissable breath amid the pandemic. Right?!...
  • Did you know that probiotics have antioxidant properties?

    Did you know that probiotics have antioxidant properties?

    Recent studies have led to a renewed interest in probiotics, which are known to have a multitude of health benefits. The incorporation of probiotics alone or in food can provide a good strategy to supply dietary antioxidants and reduce damages caused by oxidation. Oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes can be mitigated by probiotics. This oxidative stress defines a condition in which...
  • Change your diet, change your microbes.

    Change your diet, change your microbes.

    The human gut contains trillions of bacteria which play a critical role in regulating certain processes for the host/human body, including metabolism, inflammation, and even cancer /tumors.Some of you may take probiotics on a regular basis, and this is a great thing in maintaining a good flora, but a healthy diet has a big impact on the little bugs living inside you. Each individual’s microbiome...
  • Top 3 daily supplements

    Top 3 daily supplements

    In today’s blog entry I would like to share with you the top three vitamins that I take every single day. Vitamin C - My favorite vitamin C is lyposomal delivery (insert hyperlink on product name). Why do I like lyposomal delivery vitamin C? The reason that I like it is because the liposomes allow the vitamin C to go straight into the cells....
  • Understanding our microbiome

    Understanding our microbiome

    What is a microbiome? ‘Micro’ means very ‘little’ and ‘biome’ means ‘world’. The microbiome we are referring to everything that covers us; other microorganisms. This could be bacterial, fungus, parasites, viruses. We have a lot more microorganisms on our bodies, in our mouth, inside our intestines, and even in the brain than we have human cells. So what does this mean? Respect your microbiome....
  • Understanding the good bacteria

    Understanding the good bacteria

    "Good bacteria." Is there such a thing? - Yes there is. They are called probiotics, meaning pro-life. Actually, we would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the bacteria that’s helping us produce all kinds of things in our intestinal tract such as vitamin B12, which is good for energy and helps us produce the iron there to help the absorption of it....
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