The Orasana® all natural oral health & wellness brand began as a passion project for a healthier mouth & a healthier body.

Founder Dr. Sanda Moldovan who believes that "your mouth is the gateway to your health," began doing research on all of the different oral health care products that contained 'good' bacteria on the market today. She found that many oral product lines and supplement brands contained a lot of artificial ingredients.

Dr. Sanda felt inspired to create a home dental health care system with products that nourish the mouth and the overall body. It was important for this oral health & wellness brand to be comprehensive, all natural, and delicately help to balance the bacteria in our mouths. Orasana® products are vegan, free from gluten, preservatives, artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals."

Your Mouth is the Gateway to your health”

- Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Dr. Sanda Moldovan is recognized internationally for her expertise in oral health, nutrition and anti-aging.

With two Board certifications–periodontics and nutrition–she brings an uncommon level of well-rounded knowledge to biological dentistry.

Dr. Sanda Moldovan is an award-winning, board-certified periodontist and licensed nutritionist who believes that a gorgeous smile emanates from the inside. Her philosophy is that good nutrition, natural supplements, and at-home dental care play a pivotal role in chronic disease prevention.

While healing her patient's oral health issues, Dr. Sanda encourages head-to-toe nourishment for enhancing overall wellness. She is dedicated to being an advocate for people worldwide to treat their mouths and bodies as one entity-like nature intended.

Dr. Sanda stays on top of the latest research and technology in her fields of expertise, particularly microbiology and nutritional science to support healing. She serves on the advisory boards of Nobel Biocare, the nation’s leading implant company, and Biolase, the global leader in laser dentistry. She is a widely sought after internationally acclaimed speaker for her integration of nutrition and dentistry and as an expert in oral health.

"I had to work very hard to get here I am today-in the privileged position of being able to help others transform their health and lives. I am proud to be living proof of how persistence, perseverance, and patience can help anyone achieve their dreams."

Why Orasana?

We believe your Oral Health is in your hands and taking care of your oral health should be easy and toxin-free. Try our three easy steps to optimum health today and don't forget that the mouth is the gatevay to your health!



From oral health to overall well being, we've got you covered. We have a range of products available that can help you transform your life.


We got tired of seeing all the "healthy" oral health & wellness products on the market saturated with artificial ingredients. So we did something about it! All of our products are all natural, vegan, free from gluten, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and harmful chemicals.


We value quality in every aspect of our products. From development to distribution, we put a lot of effort into making sure we have the highest quality oral health & wellness products on the market. Our supplements are all made in the USA.



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