‘Mask mouth’: what is it and how it causes your breath to stink


We’re all having to do it; wearing face masks for long periods of time. While they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and definitely hide a beautiful smile, they also can cause tooth decay, dry mouth, and gum disease. You still want a healthy mouth and kissable breath amid the pandemic. Right?!

Though it’s critical that we be vigilant in wearing our masks to prevent the spread of COVID 19, we are discovering oral health issues---sometimes serious-- from wearing masks for extended periods of time. I am seeing a surge in dental issues for my patients at my practices in Beverly Hills and Encino, as a result of ‘Mask Mouth.’ Many of these people who previously had good check ups are surprised to learn unhealthy bacteria is lurking in their mouths.

While our battle to remain safe and protect others from transmission of the virus is most important--- we must not neglect treating the potential mouth issues related to mask wearing, so you don’t wind up in my chair! 

You may be thinking, “Oh, great! One more thing to worry over and stress about!” Relax. There are simple solutions. Let me share with you the causes and my cures for prevention of ‘mask mouth.’  

A nasty odor is from bacteria that builds up in your mouth and between your teeth, which can cause tooth decay, cavities and produce gum disease. We ordinarily breathe through our noses, but while wearing masks our noses are covered (or at least they should be!) so we breathe through our mouths A dry mouth is the perfect breeding ground for periodontal disease and cavities. When saliva is decreased we have no armor to neutralize acids and increase the pH balance, also known as oral microbiome. Add to this dehydration from not wanting to pull down our masks while we drink water--- and you’ve got a recipe for a host of dental issues!

In addition to stepping up their daily oral hygiene routines I recommend to my ‘mask mouth’ patients our chewable probiotics for help with eliminating bad breath, and protection from plaque build-up and cavities. The tablets come in mint and wild berry flavors, with the latter specially formulated for children as well as adults. In addition to the oral benefits, they provide many other overall well being advantages. Here’s what one of my patients recently shared:

"Dr. Sanda’s Orasana probiotics have been a game changer for me and my family. They contribute to many of our preventative health needs, and now an added plus for taking them came when I learned that wearing face masks could adversely affect our mouths! My kids usually hate anything that’s good for them, but they LOVE the Wildberry chewables.”  ----Debra Miland, Oceanside, California

For tips on how to take Orasana probiotics, check out my video

It’s possible to stay in good oral health while staying safe!

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