Understanding the good bacteria

"Good bacteria." Is there such a thing? - Yes there is. They are called probiotics, meaning pro-life. Actually, we would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the bacteria that’s helping us produce all kinds of things in our intestinal tract such as vitamin B12, which is good for energy and helps us produce the iron there to help the absorption of it. Not all bacteria is bad. We have bacteria all over our body, from the mouth from the skin into our intestines. We have 2-3 pounds of bacteria in our intestine. Make sure you take good care of the ‘good bacteria.’ In order to promote the growth of healthy bugs you want to eat healthy, keep a good diet, less processed foods, and less sugar. There are some products on the market called probiotics that I recommend you take on a regular basis. One of them is a complete probiotic for the health of the intestinal tract and it can be in the form of yogurt, kefir or kombucha. You can also take it as a supplement. The other one that I have in my practice is especially for oral health and it is probiotic chewable tablet. This product is sweeter with non-GMO xylitol,so it tastes like sugar. It not only promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your mouth, but it also helps your upper respiratory tract so that your nose and your sinuses stay healthy. Recent studies have shown xylitol decreases risk of ear infections as well by as much as 50%.

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