Understanding our microbiome

What is a microbiome? ‘Micro’ means very ‘little’ and ‘biome’ means ‘world’. The microbiome we are referring to everything that covers us; other microorganisms. This could be bacterial, fungus, parasites, viruses. We have a lot more microorganisms on our bodies, in our mouth, inside our intestines, and even in the brain than we have human cells. So what does this mean? Respect your microbiome. Try to keep a healthy microbiome. How do we do this?  Stop using anti-bacterials because it is really going to promote the growth of bad bacteria. We really have to learn to nourish the microbiome inside and out. On our skin we have trillions of little bacterial that is actually offering a protection against infections. So, think less anti-bacterials, and more Pro Life by keeping your microbiome healthy! - Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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Dr. Sanda’s Health Tip Of The Month:

Try an ounce of dark chocolate for the same caffeine fix you get from a cup of coffee. chocolate also contains feel-good substances called neurotransmitters, which are the same release during a 'runner's high'.

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