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Welcome To Orasana®!

Orasana® is a nontoxic, all natural and nourishing oral care line. It is different from all the other brands out there because as other products are really focusing on anti-bacterial, our line is focusing on nourishing your mouth and nourishing your microbiome. The microbiome is really the multitude of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that are living on your skin, in your mouth, and in your intestinal tract. So let’s nourish it! That’s what Orasana® does! - It nourishes your microbiome, your mouth and your body. Orasana®’s vision is really to educate everyone out there about the importance of using non-toxic ingredients in your oral care products. Through that, I want to share a story - When I was younger I used a national brand care line that is available on the market. That toothpaste actually caused my gums to sluff off and I didnt know what was going on, and they started burning and really being uncomfortable. When I looked at my gums they had these ulcers. When I looked at the ingredients on that particular toothpaste, it actually had triclosan. Some of you may have experienced this. Triclosan was actually banned in a lot of the soaps that are on the market, but it was still left in the toothpastes as an antibacterial. However, for some patients it too strong. It’s a chemical that is toxic for the human body. We should not be using it, because it can damage your body. So since that moment I started researching the different ingredients that are nurturing for our mouths and nurturing for our body, that are not going to cause our cells to die off. Through Orasana® we bring you the latest ingredients on how to care for your mouth in a non-toxic way and really achieve optimum health. We are committed to YOU achieving not only optimum oral health, but optimum overall health!

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