How to wear an emmy-winning smile all year

It’s one of the busiest months of the year for my hygienists; as film stars, producers, and directors nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards come in to my Beverly Hills practice to rejuvenate their smiles. With our Air-Flow Therapy® procedure, even those who wait until the last minute can have stain, bacteria and plaque on tooth and gums removed without all the scraping. It’s pain free and only takes twenty minutes! All of my clients are VIPs, but my celebrity patients tell me that our Air-Flow Therapy® treatment, which uses gylcine and ozone to disinfect the mouth is a relaxing as a facial, and their teeth feel smooth, clean and polished.

I will tell you a secret. Stars are no different than you or me when it comes to having award winning smiles all year long. The firmest, pinkest gums and enviable oral health can be obtained by any of us, if we put in the effort. The results are as satisfying and as gratifying as if you spent thousands of dollars in the dental chair.

They say it takes three weeks to change a habit, and that’s about how long it will take you to see whiter teeth and healthier gums.

So, let’s get started!

Dr. Sanda’s Tips for A Healthy Smile

It all comes down to basics and you begin by checking your toothbrush. It should be a soft-bristled one. If it’s been more than a few months since you started using it, toss it and get a new one. Better yet, get a sonic brush, which cleans much better. Brush your teeth twice daily and scrape your tongue. Be consistent.

Flossing is next. I tell my patients it’s more important than brushing, but let’s do both for the countdown to the Emmys, and afterwards, the Golden Globes, shall we? Some people just don’t like the string kind, and most don’s use it correctly, so if you don’t have one already, invest in Orasana’s waterjet flosser. It’s easier and more effective and it even removes stains. Do this daily.

Orasana Probiotic Mints, dissolved on the tongue twice daily promotes improved oral health by attracting the friendly kind of bacteria. Decreases bad breath and inflammation. 

If you drink a lot of coffee and red wine, you may want to amp your regime with any of the D.I.Y. whitening strips available. But, remember, teeth whitening and brightening is not an alternative to brushing two or three times daily, flossing at least once a day, and nourishing your microbiome with probiotics.

Voila! That’s it! You’ve got this! A few minutes a couple of times a day over the next three weeks will honor your overall oral health and give you a smile worthy of an Emmy! Doing so will ensure you are an “A” lister at your next dental check-up.

In great health,

Dr. Sanda

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