Types of probiotics

Many of you are very familiar with probiotics because you can find them anywhere nowadays! If you are taking a probiotic supplement in a capsule, I would recommend not opening these because the capsule protects against stomach acids. Some of  you may be taking a probiotic in the liquid form, such as Kombucha, kefir or yogurt and they sell these at your local health food market. Some of you may be taking them in the form of sauerkraut, kimchi, natto. So what does probiotics mean? ‘Pro’ means ‘for’ and ‘biotics' mean life=Pro-Life. On our bodies we have many millions and trillions of different bacterial and different fungus that all live together. These are the probiotics; they are helping us to live a healthier life - this is the way we should think about it versus antibiotics, which are killing life. Why do we need to take probiotics is really because we need to replenish our supplies on a daily basis, something that our ancestors have done for many thousands of years by eating fermented foods. Probiotics are not just bacteria, they could be also a fungus species, for example saccharomyces that helps our stomach to stay balanced. On those days where you might have loose stool, you would want to take saccharomyces because it keeps things in check. Until next time, keep taking your probiotics! - Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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