The truth about oral probiotics

What are oral probiotics, and should you be taking them? We have talked about probiotics meaning “pro-life,” friendly bacteria that is alive to replenish the ones that are already in our mouth. In our mouths we have over 500 different species of bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites all living harmoniously together, or maybe not - when you have bleeding gums or cavities, we call this disbiosis. Disbiosis is an imbalance in the microflora or microbiome. Orasana® probiotic mints can help restore balance. It is an oral probiotic that is specially designed for the mouth. It is a tablet and not a capsule. For best results, you let it dissolve in the mouth slowly and then you use your tongue to spread is around your cheeks and your gums. This is very important to take after food and to let it dissolve. Orasana® Probiotic Mints should be the last thing you take at night after you brush your teeth to give that bacteria a chance to embed itself in the biofilm layer or your mouth. If you have any questions about Orasana® Probiotic Mints, please tweet me @askdrsanda.

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Dr. Sanda’s Health Tip Of The Month:

Check your tongue weekly. If it’s white, take a chewable probiotic at night and by the morning it will be nice and pink.

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