Why orasana® probiotic mints

Orasana® Probiotic Mints are a product that came out of passion for a healthier mouth, and a healthier body. When I starting making this product I began to look at all of the research that is out there on the different strains of bacteria that are on the market. A lot of the strains that I used in the Orasana® Probiotic Mints are anti-inflammatory, help with bad breath, cavities, bleeding gums, and help patients with dry mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth, do not worry, although this probiotic is a mint, it is not an overpowering mint and it will not cause discomfort. What you should know about most mints on the market - they have a lot of artificial ingredients, The Orasana® Probiotic Mint is all natural, I used no artificial ingredients. It is also a vegan product, because it is not made with any milk product. The bacterias are not grown on any milk or lactose containing products. The way to take it is to pop it into your mouth, let it dissolve slowly and move it around the mouth so that the bacteria can really coat your tongue, your cheeks, your teeth, and your gums. If you have any other questions, or you want to try Orasana Probiotic Mints, you can visit us orasana.com! - Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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