Cleaning Your Tongue: What Your Mother Didn't Tell You

5 Good Reasons Why You Should!

As you went off to college this fall your mom most likely reminded you to keep your dorm room or apartment tidy, brush and floss your teeth--- and Facetime her daily!

What she didn’t perhaps share--- is the importance of keeping your tongue clean. Yet, tongue cleaning’s important and has been around for at least a couple of thousand years. The Romans, the Victorians did it, and it’s believed that even our first U.S. president, George Washington regularly cleaned his tongue (his teeth are another blog altogether).

While your tongue won't have any cavities to worry about, not cleaning it can not only cause halitosis (bad breath) but a host of other oral issues that can work their way down to the rest of your body as well.

Bad breath can be embarrassing. Brushing, flossing, even sugar-free mints won’t keep certain bacteria, fungi, toxins and dead cells from sticking to your tongue.

Bacteria on the tongue can be the source of many health woes, such as tooth decay along with the bad breath. Ever notice your tongue is white? Your tongue can turn white when the tiny bumps (papillae) that line it swell up and become inflamed. All the nasties I mentioned above can get trapped between the enlarged papillae.

This collected debris is what turns your tongue white. A clean tongue is vital to staving off the bad bacteria and leftover food debris, which can add up to a whole lot of yuck! The good news is it’s removable. Scraping the tongue twice a day for seven days reduces overall bacteria, by cleaning the residual food particles that have accumulated in your mouth.

Digestion revs up with your mouth. Brushing your tongue activates pertinent enzymes, which are proteins that act as biological catalysts (biocatalysts). The enzymes present in the saliva break down the food and make it easy to digest. Scraping activates pertinent enzymes, which are proteins that act as biological catalysts (biocatalysts) which are required for the better digestion of food.

Stimulates Organs by eliminating toxins that have built up in your mouth overnight, while it activates and awakens the internal organs. Another way your tongue can help you achieve greater overall health and wellness.

Taste Buds are improved Just scraping twice a day can improve your sense of taste. Removing dead cells and other unwanted substances will keep your palate fresh enabling you to better distinguish between sweet, salty, butter and sour sensations.

These are five great reasons to clean your tongue daily. The Orasana waterjet comes with a tongue cleaning attachment to be used on the lowest power. For added benefits, follow up the tongue cleaning with the Orasana probiotic mint. Chew on one and awaken your taste buds. They’re so yummy you’ll think it’s a candy.

It’s not necessary to only take my word for it: Maria T found, "I had a bad taste in my mouth and a white coat on my tongue. All of it went away with Orasana® probiotic mints. They are really great!"

Perhaps this inspires you not only to invest in a tongue scraper and probiotic mints for yourself, but as the perfect Christmas presents for the folks. All for the price of a few Starbuck’s lattes, I might add. Think about how amazed your parents will be at how smart you are after just a few months away at college! It’s the one and only time you can respectfully stick your tongue out at them, “See Ma! No white tongue!”

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