Orasana® WaterJet Tip Refills


The Orasana® WaterJet comes with 3 tips, Periodontal tip, tongue scraper tip, tufted tip. Over time, for maximum effectiveness we recommend that you replace your WaterJet tips every 3-6months. Mineral deposits, and debris can clog and affect the function of your Tips, and it is important to to replace them for this reason. For best performance of your WaterJet we suggest using filtered water and to ensure that your Tips are in good condition.


Download PDF here.

Periodontal Tip -Specially designed to clean deep under the gum, and in the groves under the teeth. Use on the lowest power mode.

Tongue Tip -Can help remove harmful bacteria that causes bad breath.

TuftedTip - Intended for implants, veneers, as well as everyday use around the natural tooth.

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Orasana® WaterJet Tip Refills
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