The Orasana® 21 Day Detox:

Concierge IV Nutrition
9667 Brighton Way
10% off on IV Drips for Detox, Weight and others(some exceptions may apply) Ask for RJ or give code Dr Sanda’s Detox 2022

459 North Roxbury, Beverly Hills
15% off all food in restaurant or online- say Detox 2022 (Till the end of Feb)

Naam Education

Naam Education
Health courses, online.
15% off a Sukshma Vyayama breathwork class. Sukshma Vyayama brings health and vitality to all areas of the body from head to toe. There's even a breath for gums and teeth!

Nadia Pilates

Private &Group sessions from
20% OFF of 1 or 10 pack Reformer Pliates Sessions until end of February 2022 mention: “Dr. Sanda Detox”

Luna Body Mind
1212 5th St Santa Monica, CA 90401

Heal with Heat - Clearlight Saunas

800.317.5070 ext. 305
Socials- @clearlightsaunas100
$100-$200 OFF
Use code ORASANA for discount with sauna purchase
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