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Orasana® Viral Support supports a normal, healthy immune response for every day use. Good for colds, viruses, cold sores, etc. This product contains astragalus, propolis, maitake mushroom, black walnut, wheatgrass, and other good plants known to balance the immune system.

  • Immune Support
  • Anti-viral Response
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Dairy-free
  • gluten-free

There are certain herbs, key vitamins and minerals that help with our bodies’ anti-viral response. The biggest problem with Covid-19 is cytokine storm. When a virus comes into contact with people, each person has a different immune response. Some people have no response, people with a weakened immune system, a low level of Vitamin D will have an unfavorable response and their immune system is hyperactive and doesn’t know to shut off. It’s an auto destructive mode, which is the body’s response to a virus or bacteria. This also happens in periodontal disease - the immune system is hyperactive and wants to destroy bacteria and instead destroys our bone. The bacteria or virus itself doesn’t destroy, it’s the body immune system response.

Maintaining a healthy immune system helps with any pathogen, since there’s always another virus, bacteria, or salmonella, say in food. “We can’t live in a bubble, what we can do is keep our immune system in top shape,” Dr. Sanda says. Take this three times a day with meals. With flu season coming, or even the common cold throughout the year, this is great for prevention. Capsules are Kosher-grade bovine gelatin, which vegans can open up for the content inside.

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Viral Support
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