Joint Inflammation Support Program


This program supports and aids in repair of injured connective tissue and joints such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint). It also decreases pain and inflammation naturally. Orasana® Enzyme Support contains bromelain, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, with fewer side effects than drugs such as ibuprofen. This program also includes highly concentrated essential fatty acid blend, providing an extremely effective combination of EPA, DHA, GLA, and  borage seed oil which is a nutritional supplement rich in essential fatty acids that can regulate skin and joint inflammation and the body's immune system. The curcumin is an excellent source of antioxidant capacity, and supports healthy response to stress and depression, and inhibits inflammation.  

This program offers support for reducing inflammation and joint repair from clenching and grinding. 

It includes:

  • TMJ Connective Tissue Support - with bovine chondroitin sulfate peptides, B12 and manganese to help joint repair
  • Curcumin Plus - to help decrease pain and inflammation, decreases cellular response to stress
  • Enzyme Support - to help manage symptoms of pain and inflammation
  • Optimum EFA Blend - helps lubricate joints and aids in mobiity
  • An instructional and food guide which helps decrease stress and promote joint healing

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Joint Inflammation Support Program
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